Industrial mixers - high turbulence mixers

rarmario variador

GRUBER HERMANOS high turbulence mixers are indicated to quickly mix all kind of dry powders, granulated materials and low density dough. In these processes it is desired to achieve a perfect mix in the shortest possible time without producing particle splitting.

In these machines the mixing is achieved by means of a high speed revolving shaft, which is furnished with radial arms at whose ends plough blade shaped heads are fitted.

The plough blades induce a turbulent movement of very high speed surrounding the blades, thus producing a particle dispersion that generates the mixing.

The arrangement of the blades inside the machine practically eliminates the existence of non-affected zones with not mixed material. To account for products which tend to produce lumps or aggregates, the mixer is fitted with special dispersal groups. These groups are composed by several rotary knives whose rotation axis is not associated with the axis of the main shaft. They cut the flow of material, producing an even more intimate mixing.