Industrial Centrifugal and axial fans blowers manufacturer - pneumatic conveyors

These installations are designed to move solids from one place to another in the most efficient way. Necessary air volume and pressure are calculated in every case according to the distance and the product to be transported.

Generally, a pneumatic conveying installation consists of the following elements

• CENTRIFUGAL FAN (mid or high pressure)
• PIPING SYSTEM of appropriate diameter

We strongly believe that pneumatic conveying offers advantages over mechanical systems of transport such as conveyor belts, transporting threads, bucket hoist, etc. Some of these advantages are:

• There is only one mechanical element: the fan.
• Minimum costs of maintenance. In case of failure it is not necessary to dismount the whole installation. Fan design allows overloading without any risk of motor burnout.
• There are neither complicated mechanisms, nor parts to wear out.

• The Piping system can be fitted to the building shape, mounting it either on ceiling or walls, taking advantage of empty areas to leave floors free.
• The pipes can go through the walls, take bends, go up vertically and adjust themselves to any lay-out where it might be very difficult to adapt mechanical conveyors or hoists.

• Pipes are always clean and do not retain any transported materials or products which allows different materials to be transported with no pollution. This is most important in facilities which transport dietetic or pharmaceutical products. Pneumatic conveying intensifies mixtures as the turbulent current mixes transported products much more thoroughly.
• Air current improves the product, airs, cools it and leaves it in optimum conditions for packing or any other further process.