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The MICRONIZING MILLS are used to pulverize all kinds of minerals and soft or hard materials. The grains obtained range from 15 to 300 microns, with a thorough separation at the upper limit of required fineness.

The GRINDING CHAMBER is lined with seven plates made of special wear-resistant materials, each one very easy to replace. Foreign bodies which might enter this chamber are pushed to a special compartment for withdrawal.

The ROTOR, dynamically balanced, is provided with inclined grinding shoes easy to dismount.

The micronizing mill is, jointly with the classifier, at the heart of our CLASSIFYING INSTALLATIONS that are carefully designed and built as an assembly in which all the integrated equipment works as a whole with the maximum attainable efficiency.

The CLASSIFIER, with rotary cage, is provided with a speed converter to achieve the different degrees of fineness without having to change the cage.

Since the speed is regulated stepwise, the smoothness required can be accurately achieved, adjusting to the needs of the production process in each case. The rotary cages are interchangeable which permits the extension of the classifying field without loss of time.

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