Industrial Centrifugal and axial fans blowers manufacturer - high efficiency cyclones

Many enterprises have problems to collect, eliminate or recover dust or particles suspended in air currents or gases generated in industrial processes.

These problems are usually of three types:

1. Separation of dust in the air or gas flow of pneumatic transport equipment, grinding installations, pulverization dryers, etc.

2. Collection of suspended materials in order to avoid air pollution or due to their valuable condition.

3. Collection of floating cinders in solid fuel boilers. (Power stations, cement factories, foundries, sintering plants, industrial ventilation, catalyst recirculation in cracking turrets, etc.).

GRUBER cyclones are characterized by their high efficiency in solving all the above mentioned problems.

The functional principle of the cyclone is based on air or gas currents, mixed with product in suspension, entering the cyclone tangentially and acquiring a circular movement in which the largest particles are hurled against the walls and then fall towards the lower unloading outlet.
Purified air or gases, free from particles, pass out of the vertical shaft. (The updraft can sweep away some particles with very low specific weight or ultrafine).

In this way, extraordinary high efficiency is obtained which means that the degree of selectivity for each particle size is guaranteed.

GRUBER HERMANOS has supplied hundreds of units for different industrial applications, all of which are working to the complete satisfaction of the customers. Given guarantees have been always fulfilled.