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The activity of our Company encompasses R&D, design, fabrication, erection and maintenance. Quality is an essential ingredient in making a successfull bussiness. Corporate endeavor to make customers happy is one of the basic aspects of the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance system. Pulse si desea ver la imagen PDF del certificado de aprobación (necesario ADOBE ACROBAT) Therefore it is just logical that GRUBER HERMANOS, S. A. has been one of the first companies that has obtained the Quality Assurance Certification in accordance to the ISO 9001:2000 Norm, issued by the prestigious certification provider organization LLOYD´S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE. (Already updated to ISO 9001:2008, click image to see certificate)> To achieve the QUALITY that you demand is the established ambition that focalizes the activity of our enterprise and the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is our enduring obsession. To reach those objetives it is crucial the involvement of all our employees, contributing each one their kNOW-HOW and EXPERTISE in order to reach our objective: SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS.

Axial and Centrifugal Fans

The GRUBER companies where soon producing a wide range of industrial equipments, extending from those of general application, as mills, pumps or fans, to the more specialized ones as driying installations or coffee toasters. The most renowned producer of safes in Spain still is "Arcas Gruber", also created by our founder. Our founder, Mathias Gruber The GRUBER factory was initially in midtown Bilbao. In the sixties the factory was moved to Baracaldo. A GRUBER - SULZER brochure GRUBER has incorporated in its organization the international experience gained as a result of the relationship of colaboration and techcnical asistance once maintained with prestigious firms as SULZER FRERES, S. A. of Winterthur (Suiza) and HOWDEN (of Scotland). This cooperation has empowered us to benefit from the results of the aerodynamic research carried in their labs. A GRUBER - HOWDEN brochure Old poster of a dryer Our machines have been present in every market place or exhibition fair, first in Spain and now worldwide. Our attendance to the places where new products and technical solutions are presented have been continuous along our history. GRUBER stand in an industrial exhibition Since the late 70's and early 80's Infomation Technologies have been gradually incorporated to our day-to-day work. First for accounting and workforce management, second to methodize production, then as an indispensable tool for the research, design and development of our machines. Our first mini-computer: A Nixdorf from Germany One of our first PC's The entrance to our offices Today, our well diimensioned factory in BURCEÑA -BARACALDO, which has a well balanced and skilled staff, is furnished with state of the art machine tools and special instruments to rationally produce fans and other rotating machinery. By consolidating step by step our knowledge we are not only trying to gain a solid stand in the machinery market but aim to incorporate and assimilate the "Know-how" that today forms the technological avant garde of our sector. General view of our factory in Baracaldo As a result of all that, we can proudly affirm that GRUBER HERMANOS, S. A. has a fundamental role in our country as the leader company in the fan, mill and mixer fields and that this position is beig extended worlwide. Our lengthy list of references in each sector is available to confirm and account for our asseveration. One of our workshops CAD-CAM design

Industrial fans manufacturer

Research and development Both our two divisions, INDUSTRIAL FANS an GENERAL MACHINERY, have erected modern independent laboratories, provided with state-of -the-art instruments, which enable us for the essay of machine prototypes or pilot installations. We can in this way study and pre-test all the solutions proposed to each customer. Continuous research allows the GRUBER HERMANOS company to maintain its position in first line of product development, which, in union with a policy of high productivity, allows us to reach the desired capacity of fabrication. All this being finally to the economic advantage of our clients. Modern tools that are reliant on experience All our experience of almost a hundred years has now been distilled into computer programs developed in-house by our engineers. This means great capacity of response that allow us to answer each inquiry very quickly. We can, nevertheless, grant all the time to discuss and study a particular question when it is required. Powerfull CAD-CAM workstations, also programmed in accordance to our quality standards, permit to accelerate the work of our Technical Office so that all drawings and designs will be timely revised and ready.

Industrial Blowers

In our plant at BURCEÑA -BARACALDO we have a well skilled workforce and the most modern and specialized equipment to rationally manufacture of all kind of fans, mills, mixers and all other equipment included in our fabrication program. As a direct consequence of our philosophy of quality controlled work we have reached an optimal efficiency-price ratio that we continuously try to improve.

In order to give our customers the highest level of satisfaction we have provided our quality control department with the most modern tools. Basically we are able to affirm that: All our machines are controlled during the manufacturing process and their components tested within an strict system of tolerances. Metal sheets and shafts are ultrasonic and magnetoscope controlled. Welds are controlled by means of penetrating liquids, radiographs, magnetic particles and ultra sounds. Shaft alignments is made by laser techniques Sound levels are measured in dB(A). The ROTORS are DYNAMICALLY BALANCED to a minimal tolerance (according to the VDI-2060 standards of the Association of German Engineers) in our original SCHENK machines which have a capacity of 20,000 Kg. for rotary parts of a diameter up to 4,500 mm. Each machine is tested for several hours by a mechanical running trial before delivery. Our laboratory testing unit, furnished with modern equipment, allows for the performance of the customer´s reception tests for checking the efficiency and volume-pressure characteristic curves of our fans.

Centrifugal Blower

In the city of the iron ... Painting of Bilbao owned by our company GRUBER HERMANOS, S. A. factory, warehouses and offices are established in BARACALDO (Vizcaya province), SPAIN, halfway between the city of Bilbao and its harbour, very near (2 Km) of the brand-new Bilbao Exhibition Centre. Bilbao, located in the Bay of Biscay, is placed in the center of the Atlantic Arc, west of the Pyrenees mountains, in the northern coast of Spain, at one hour travel from the French border. Bilbao, one of the main industrial and mercantile centers in the Iberian Peninsula, is nowadays the focal point of a strongly developed Area of Logistic Activities empowered by its big harbour, its modern and capable Airport and very good highway connections. Equipment designed and built by GRUBER HERMANOS is quickly and effectively sent by ground, water or air route to any world location. Packing is carried out in our premises by specialized personnel in accordance to the most strict standards. Packed equipment, ready to be sent The Bilbao harbour It is very easy to arrive to our factory from any point in Vizcaya or the neighboring provinces. Coming from the airport or from downtown Bilbao, Guecho or Santander, the visitor must follow only main highways were it is very difficult to get lost. If you have ADOBE ACROBAT you can click the yellow links below to download the relevant map.


Centrifugal and Axial Industrial fans - Mills and Mixers

We have more than 100 years of experience in the construction of equipment for all kind of industries, including chemical and petro-chemical plants, power generation, paper, glass and many others.

Our machines are manufactured with dedication and knowledge. With the use of the most modern technologies and materials, we apply our long experience to the execution of projects that satisfy exactly our client’s requirements.

Our fans, installed in more than 50 countries, are designed for industrial environments and convey air or other fluids in all conditions: clean or dirty, hot or cold, abrasive, corrosive, full of particles, etc.

Quality and Service" is our slogan. From the moment we receive your order until the equipment is delivered, the quality is the most essential condition of all our proceedings.