Centrifugal and axial industrial fans - Blowers - company objectives


Description: Non-sparking tools
Egamaster Hand tool manufacturer. Torque wrench, ESD, Insulated, VDE tools, Threading machines, Slogging wrench Egamaster, Impact wrench, non-Sparking Tools and ATEX Phone. EGA MASTER S.A. exports more than 85% of its production to over 150 countries around the world.

Company: DDFLUOR

Description: Aluminium Polishing - Surface Treatment Chemicals
Derivados del FlĂșor (DDF) is the European leader in the field of manufacturing and distribution of inorganic fluorochemicals, due to its capacity, know-how and expertise.


Description: Roof Waterproofing Membrane
A company specializing in synthetic membranes for waterproofing roofs or tiled roofs or tiled roofs, construction work, tunnels, swimming pools, reservoirs and tanks.