Axial fans - Industrial axial fans

The PV TYPE axial fan is used when a great flow of gas must be moved and the pressure differential between inlet and outlet is small.

The flow direction inside the fan is strictly axial therefore its shape is perfectly adapted for the direct incorporation of the fan section into the gas pipe.

The airfoil shaped blades are radially arranged around the hub. When the fan is not running the pitch of its blades can be modified. In this way the fan can be adapted to variable operating conditions.

The axial fan is usually fitted with guide vanes, placed either at the inlet or at the outlet, whose function is to diminish the rotation of the conveyed flow. In this way a more efficient application of the energy transmitted by the impeller to the gas is achieved.



Industrial workshop and tunnel ventilation.
Ventilation in mining industries.
Ventilation in the shipping industry.
Ventilation in the textile industry.
Cooling towers.
Prilling towers.



Static pressure up to 180 mm.w.g. for each compression stage. Sizes between 335 mm and 3000 mm of diameter. Rotors made of light alloy casting with adjustable airfoil blades. Efficiency up to 81%.