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The hammer mills fabricated by GRUBER HERMANOS, S. A. are used in grinding processes intended for not very abrasive materials of medium hardness in which the desired particle size at the output is greater than 1 mm. Our machines can be employed as crushers or mills, by means of adjusting an interchangeable screen of convenient calibre.

Hammer mills are designed to attain the maximum possible strength: hardened hammers are built with resilient, wear proof materials. Big diameter hammer bolts and over-dimensioned shafts are fitted.

The interior of the mill is lined with easily interchangeable plates. Liners are made of materials whose grade of wear resistance is in accordance with the treated product.

The mill body splits into two parts to allow easy access for adjustments and replacements. In the bigger models the opening of the body can be assisted by hydraulic elements.

The sieves or screens can be effortlessly extracted from the mill body. This allows the quick unloading of the grinding chamber in case of unexpected power failure or shut down.

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