Industrial mixers - Biconical mixers

GRUBER HERMANOS biconical mixers are suitable for homogenizing solid and granular dry products when an intimate mixing, as well as a great easiness in the cleaning, is required.

The constructive mode, dimensions and shape of the main body of this blender, make each unloading exhaustive, thus giving total guarantee that not unwanted deposits of material remain in the interior of the machine.

The blender must be stopped for loading or unloading. The product is introduced by one of the apertures and the barrel is set to turn. By effect of gravity and centrifugal forces the mixing progresses accordingly to the duration and speed of rotation. Different grades of homogeneity in the final product can be reached changing the rotation speed of the blender. Once the mixing has been achieved, the vessel is stopped in vertical position and the unloading is done by way of the opposite opening.

This type of mixers is conceived for non-continuous processes, automatically or manually controlled. All the mechanical elements are calculated to achieve a steady running and a long, maintenance free, working life.


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