Industrial mixers - kneaders

rarmario variador

Kneaders or sigma blade mixers are preferably used to mix moist or doughty products thoroughly.

GRUBER HERMANOS kneaders have the following main features:

- DOUBLE HELICAL (sigma blade) arms for kneading.

- TROUGH SHAPED BODY, made of steel plate.

- TIPPING, manual or automatic, with oleo-hydraulic or electric drive.

- RUGGED CONSTRUCTION, designed for continuous industrial use.

- JACKET, for heating or cooling, if required by the handled products.

- SPECIAL TYPES OF CONSTRUCTIVE MATERIALS, in order to meet client needs.

GRUBER HERMANOS makes its standard kneaders of the following capacities:

80 - 100 - 170 - 280 - 500 - 625 and 850 liters.