Industrial mixers - Blade mixers

GRUBER HERMANOS blade mixers are indicated in those continuous mixing processes for solid, pasty, powdery or granulated products where the client needs a not very homogeneous blend or just soak the product.

The mixer also has two parallel shafts in counter-rotation, equipped with blades set at a variable angle depending on the speed at which the mixture is performed and the degree of homogenization sought. The trough-shaped mixer body construction avoids the existence of dead zones, ensuring that all the content blends.

The body and the covers of these mixers have been designed to facilitate the access to the machine in order to reduce the time spent on cleaning operations.

If we add the high torsional rigidity of the shafts and the position of the bearings, away from the machine body, the result is a machine which will have none or very few failures in a long operating life.

These machines stand out for their simple and functional construction, designed to provide a stable operation, without adjustments and almost maintenance free. So these mixers are successful replacement to complex systems existing on the market which require frequent adjustments and high maintenance expenses.