Centrifugal Fans - Industrial centrifugal blower fans - impeller blades

The efficiency of a fan greatly depends on the configuration of the impeller and its blades. Our designs have been tested to provide the maximum possible efficiency for each blade type. Considering the blade angle related to the fan rotation direction, we distinguish between three types of impellers:

Backward curved blades :

Depending on the application, they may be straight, curved or airfoil blades. The impellers designed with backward curved blades provide a very high efficiency (up to 90%) and are suitable for most applications since they achieve very good aerodynamics with little noise generation, proving high effectiveness. This is the most appropriate design when the fan conveys clean air or with few dust particles.

Radial blades :

Due to its configuration, this type of impeller is inferior in efficiency to those designed with backward curved blades. Its use is recommended for applications in which the fluids conveyed are dirty or have particles in suspension. The arrangement of the blades prevents the solid particles from adhering to them, therefore they can be considered as self-cleaning.

Forward curved or radial-tip blades :

This design is only and exclusively intended for applications with such a quantity of dust that makes it necessary to opt for a design that greatly prevents the solid particles from adhering to the impeller surfaces.


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