Industrial centrifugal blower fans - Forced lubrication

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The requirements of the petro-chemical industry are increasingly demanding and this very often obliges to install, among other elements, forced lubrication systems to supply the fan bearings with continuous oil lubrication.

GRUBER HERMANOS, S.A. has been supplying this type of accessories for projects in this sector for some time now.

This kind of equipment is basically composed of an oil tank, several cleaning filters, pumps to move the oil, heat interchangers for cooling it and all the necessary electric and electronic elements for the operation.All the elements are connected by means of stainless steel rigid piping.

The lube oil systems are capable to refrigerate and clean the oil of many bearings, not only those installed in the fans but also the motor or steam turbine bearings.

The principal property of the lube oil system is to allow an easier maintenance almost without equipment stoppages, as well as an increased bearing lifetime.