Centrifugal fan services - Upgrades and repair works

Potential problems in fan operation can be easily detected without reaching a critical situation that can shut down an installation.

By means of careful diagnosis our engineers check the original design and the work circumstances applying modern techniques. Afterwards they will recommend which steps to follow in order to ameliorate the fan characteristics, adapting the fan to the current requirements that can differ greatly from the original ones.

The rehabilitation, in case of abnormal wear or mechanical failure, as well as the replacement for other fan of better efficiency, is accomplished in the shortest time interval. We understand the critical priority of these contingencies.

As a complementary part of our work we make every possible effort to give the better service at the lowest cost in order to lengthen the future life of your fan. We assist our customers in all needs for maintenance, improvements or adjustments to the actual operation point.

Large number of customers has relied in our TECHNICAL REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT SERVICE.

GRUBER does not make difference between big or small customers, there is simply YOUR problem and we give the solution to that problem.