Centrifugal fan services - Dynamic balancing

Free centrifugal forces and movements, present in unbalanced or poorly balanced rotary parts, must be avoided due to several reasons. In determined circumstances these forces may be dangerous as they originate the following phenomena:

- Very high dynamic pressures at the supports that are superimposed to the static pressures and cause premature wear in the bearings.

- Fatigue associated breaks in bearing blocks, bed plates and foundations. Balancing reduces the exciting forces and minimizes the difficulties that arise when crossing the resonance speeds.

- Security danger in unions made by means of screws or keys, which can be loosened by vibrations. Catastrophic failures may occur if bolts or nuts become loose when turning at high speed.

- Disturbing noises which, at elevated speed, can be perceived even at great distances. The quiet, vibration free operation is always, consciously or not, taken as a basis to ponder the accuracy of the balance and also to qualify the category of a machine.