Centrifugal and axial industrial fans - Blowers - Company history

GRUBER HERMANOS was founded in Bilbao by Matías Gruber. This German entrepreneur had developed his first industrial initiatives in the United States, before establishing himself in Spain at the beginning of the XX Century.

Initially, the capital goods manufactured by GRUBER covered a very wide range. Later, our manufacturing concentrated on those products that led us to a consolidated leadership: industrial fans and machinery dedicated for the treatment of materials, milling and mixing.

From the very beginning, GRUBER has experienced a significant transformation, facing not only an internal organization evolution but also technological progress. As a result, nowadays we are equipped with the most appropriate tools and technical means to design and manufacture our state-of- the-art products.

Our company has incorporated the international experience gained of the relations of collaboration and technical assistance once maintained with the companies SULZER FRERES of Switzerland and HOWDEN of Scotland, which has allowed us to benefit from the results of the aerodynamic researches carried out in their labs.

At present, our factory located in Baracaldo counts with a balanced team and is equipped with the most modern machinery and special tools to manufacture rationally all type of fans, mills and mixers.

GRUBER HERMANOS, S. A. has been long time the ventilation company leader in our country and is now expanding this role worldwide. The lengthy list of references we have for each sector confirms and supports our extensive professional experience.