Centrifugal and axial industrial fans - Blowers - Research

Our two divisions, VENTILATION and MACHINERY, are provided with modern independent laboratories, equipped with up-to-date instruments, which allow prototype testing as well as the study of the solutions proposed to each client.

The continuous research that allows us to be at the forefront of product development comes accompanied by a policy based on high productivity aimed to get a fabrication capacity which turns into economy for the client.




In this laboratory we test all our designs, getting a range of fans whose static efficiencies are up to the 90 %. Following the standard ISO 5801, we can check the performance curves of every fan within our range.


In the field of mills, it is essential to check that the type of machine offered is capable of grinding materials to the productive capacity and grain size required by the client. For that purpose, in this laboratory we have the necessary equipment to check in the practice the characteristics we want to grant.